7 Crazyest Building Designs in the World

A building designer must be able to realize the wishes of the client. Both modern and traditional design buildings must be realized to satisfy the client. But exceptions to the following buildings. The following buildings are deliberately made strange and striking by the designer in order to attract the attention of many people.

Here are reviews of the 7 Crazyest Building Designs in the World as reported by Therichest.com, Friday (11/28/2014):

1. Piano House

Desain Bangunan Paling Gila Di Dunia

The building, which was inspired by the shape of piano and violin instruments, is actually a house. This house is located in Huainan, China. This house was built and designed by a group of students in the field of architecture at Hefei Technology University in 2007. Dominated by glass material, this house is equipped with an escalator and terrace on the roof.

2. Sheep Store

Desain Bangunan Paling Gila Di Dunia

This sheep head and body building is a shop that sells handicrafts made from sheep. Meanwhile, dog-headed buildings are built with meaning, "dogs are animals that help shepherds look after sheep". Not only that, the large agricultural community was one of the reasons. Located in Triau, New Zealand, this store was built in 1994.

3. Longaberger Basket Company

Desain Bangunan Paling Gila Di Dunia

Longaberger Basket Company is a company that specializes in creating and distributing handmade baskets. The company's headquarters are finally made like a giant basket replica. Measuring 160 times larger than baskets in general, the company's headquarters was completed in 1997. Not to forget, the basket handles adorn this building.

4. Kansas City Public Library

Desain Bangunan Paling Gila Di Dunia

Public library in Kansas City, United States, has many visitors. Instead of being a vehicle parking lot, smart designers also design parking spaces in a book-like arrangement. Vehicle visitors were suddenly hidden behind a row of the book.

5. National Fisheries Development Board Building

Desain Bangunan Paling Gila Di Dunia

Badan Pengembangan Perikanan Nasional milik pemerintahan India ini bertugas mengatur pergerakan industri perikanan baik dalam atau luar negeri. Kantor badan tersebut pun dirancang unik layaknya seekor ikan. Selesai pembangunan pada tahun 2012, bangunan ini tak hanya menjadi sebuah kantor saja, tetapi juga sebagai salah satu tujuan wisata.

6. Kunsthaus Graz

Desain Bangunan Paling Gila Di Dunia

The building which is an art museum was built in the 1960s and is located in Graz, Austria. This building has a strange shape because it is shaped like an alien or deep sea creatures. This strange building looks very contrast with the various other traditional buildings that surround it. This museum not only has an odd shape but also because it is made of around 900 neon ring lights. This building was created like a series of "very large pixels".

7. Meitan Tea Museum

Desain Bangunan Paling Gila Di Dunia
The tradition of celebrating drinking green tea in Guizhou Province, China, is enshrined in a building. This design mimics the look of a teapot complete with teacups made from traditional Chinese clay. This building has a height of about 73 meters. That is, this teapot is able to fill as much as 28 Million Liters of tea. No wonder, if this building is the largest tea museum in the world.

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