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Brief Country Profile Singapore - Singapore is one of the countries in Southeast Asia which is categorized as a developed country. Singapore's real name is Sing Kung Won Kok, the capital of Singapore, a Republican form (the same as Indonesia), the head of state held by the Queen of England, while the head of government is led by the Prime Minister.

Facts you need to know, Singapore is the smallest country in Southeast Asia, but the most advanced. Based on its history, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles was a figure who built Singapore in 1819. Initially, the purpose of the development was used for military ports of the British empire as well as fortifications.

But in further developments, after separating from Malaysia in 1965, Singapore became a developed country with such rapid development. Today, Singapore is a major trade and port center in the world and a major destination for international tourists. Another amazing thing, the currency used is the Singapore Dollar is the 5th strongest currency in the world.

Location and Area of ​​the State of Singapore
Singapore is located at the southern tip of the Malacca Peninsula. Astronomically, Singapore is located at 2o LU � 6o LU and 95o LU � 98o East. Singapore has the following boundaries:

North side: Johor Strait.
East side: Karimata Strait.
Southern side: Singapore Strait.
West side: Malacca Strait.
The area of ​​Singapore is around 660 km2. Consists of the main island and 60 other smaller islands around it.

Nature's appearance in Singapore
Before Raffles was built, Singapore was a forest and a swamp. Almost all of Singapore is flat lowland. The other small part is a small hill. Several small rivers also flow on Singapore Island. The rivers include Sembawang River, Pong Siang River, Mandai River, and Kallang River. Hilly area is in the north. The hills in the area are Bukit Timah and Bukit Panjing. Bukit Timah is the highest hill, its height reaches 581 Meters.

State of Singapore's Population
The total population of Singapore is around 3,567,000. Most of them are of Chinese descent. The rest are of Malay, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and European descent. Singaporeans use English as the official language. But there are also many people who use other languages ​​such as Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. Some religions also developed in Singapore, such as Kong Hu Chu, Tau, and Buddhism of Chinese descent. Other religions are Islam, Christianity and Hinduism.

Singapore's main economic activity is trade. This is because of the strategic location of Singapore. Singapore is located in the crossing of the shipping lanes of East Asian, West Asian, African, European, American and Australian countries. Singapore is also developing as an industrial country. Singapore's industry produces electrical appliances, electronics, oil refineries, and chemicals. The industrial estate is located in Jurog, Loyang and Kranji.

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