5 Famous Buildings in Australia

Famous Buildings in Australia - Dubbed the "Land of Kangaroos", located in the southern hemisphere, comprising the continents of Australia, Tasmania and small islands in the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. In ancient times Aboriginal tribes were native inhabitants of the Continent of Australia, before the arrival of the people of Europe in the 18th century. Australia is arguably the main destination for foreign tourists in the world. Some of Australia's leading attractions are modern and historic buildings. Here are 5 famous buildings in Australia.

Famous Buildings in Australia
1. Sydney Opera House
5 Bangunan Terkenal di Australia : Sydney Opera House
Located in Bennelong Point, the city of Sydney is close to Sydney Harbor Brigde (Bridge). Sydney Opera House is a unique shaped building like a conch, visited by many foreign tourists, especially tourists from Indonesia. This famous building in Australia was built in the 20th century, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007, designed by Jorn Utzon (Denmark), in 1955.

2. Dr. Chau Chak Wing Building
5 Bangunan Terkenal di Australia : Dr Chau Chak Wing
A unique and magnificent building that was built at the end of 2012 until completion in 2014, the construction uses bricks totaling - / + 320,000. Dr Chau Chak Wing Buolding is a business school building from Sydney University of Technology, designed by Frank Gehry (United States). Several awards that have been won by famous buildings in Australia such as the winner of the 2015 AIQS Project Innovation, Think Brick Awards: Horbury Hunt Commercial Award, Bradfiled Award and many more.

3. Australia Square Tower
5 Bangunan Terkenal di Australia Square Tower
Australia Squre Tower is one of the iconic landmarks of the city of Syedney, its location in the central business district of George Street. Built in 1961, it was designed by Harry Seidler. Besides being famous, Australia Square Tower is the most beautiful building in Australia which once held the status of the tallest building in Sydney from 1967 to 1976. Australia Square is owned by Dexus and GPT Group.

4. Tower of Sydney, Australia
5 Bangunan Terkenal di Australia : Menara Sydeny
Anyone can visit the Sydney Tower because it is open to the public, many tourists also come to go up and see the beautiful views of the city of Sydney, both day and night. The tower with a height of 309 has several nicknames such as Centrepount Tower and AMP Tower. With this height, this famous building in Australia is the second tallest building after Sky Tower. Built in 1974, it was officially opened to the public in September 1981.

5. Shine of Remembrance, Australia
5 Bangunan Terkenal di Australia :Shine of Rememberance
Shine of Remembrance is a temple that was built to honor citizens in Victoria who fought in World War 1. Its location is in Kings Domain, St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Every year there is an annual war memorial called ANZAC day, conducted on April 24th. This fifth famous building in Australia was built in 1927 with the first foundation laid on November 11.

That's 5 Famous Buildings in Australia

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