7 Tours in Hong Kong that must be visited

Have a vacation plan to Hong Kong? If yes, here is information on "7 Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong that Must Be Visited". Hong Kong is a special administrative region located in the southeast of China, famous for its seaport, expansive development, high population density and the main destination of world tourists.

The tourism sector is one of the main keys to the progress of the Hong Kong economy. According to information from Wikipedia, the number of foreign tourists visiting tourist attractions in Hong Kong is 22 million annually. Hongkong Disneyland is arguably the most famous.

Immediately, without further ado, here are 7 recommendations for tourist attractions in Hong Kong, see more ...
Tourist attractions in Hong Kong

1. Hongkong Disneyland

Hongkong Disneyland

Disneyland is a must-visit tourist spot in Hong Kong, perfect for holidays with family especially if you bring children. The location is in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Penny's Bay, Lantau Island (reclaimed land). This theme park is managed and owned by OPHK (Ocean Park Hong Kong) and is a popular tourist destination in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Disneyland began to open on September 12, 2005. This 68-hectare amusement park has 7 themes, including: Adventurland, Fantasyland, Main Street, Toy Story Land, Mystic Point, Tomorrowland, and the United States. According to news circulating, there will be 2 additional themes covering Marvel Area (like in the movie Iron Man) and Forzan Land (similar to the film Forzan).

If you visit Hong Kong, then don't forget to stop by this popular tourist spot. Interesting entertainment objects, arguably one of the most famous Disneyland in the world after those in America and Japan, every year at least 8 million visitors arrive, both from Asian tourists, Europeans and the Americas.

In Hong Kong Disneyland visitors can enjoy the excitement from morning to night. Just be satisfied when you're here. There is a show that should not be missed during the day, the 'Fligts of Fantasy' themed parade. Meanwhile, in the evening there are two more performances that can add to your satisfaction, what is it? You can see the 'Disney in the Start' (fireworks) show and parade that is no less interesting than the daytime themed "Pain the Night".

How to get to HongKong Disneyland and Entrance Fee

How to get to HongKong Disneyland is very easy. Can use public transportation in the form of MTR and Public Bus specifically serving trips to Disneyland. If you use the MRT, just ride the MTR car to the Disneyland Resort Station. I suggest arriving early, the opening hours of this tourist spot from 10 am to 9 pm.

Various complete entertainment facilities at this tourist spot are certainly not free. You need to pay the entrance fee. Entrance fee used is based on age, age 12-64 years: HK $ 619 (Rp.1,090,000), for children aged 3-11 years HK $ 458 (Rp.806,000), Rupiah exchange rate against Hong Kong Dollar as of March 1 2018. The price of admission is valid for one day, if buying a ticket for 2 days of course the price will be cheaper and can save. (Ticket updates are December 15, 2017).

2. HongKong Ocean Park

Ocean Park Hong Kong

An alternative popular tourist destination in Hong Kong besides Disneyland is Ocean Park, a fun amusement park covering an area of ​​17 hectares, located in the Southern District of Hong Kong, precisely in Wong Chuk Hang, Nam Long Shan. Tourist destinations offered include marine mammal parks, endangered animals, game rides and oceanarium. Ocean Park is one of the two largest amusement parks in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Ocean Park began operations in 1977. Before Disneyland was opened in 2005, Ocean Park was a favorite tourist spot visited by many foreign tourists for vacation, half of the visitors were from China (China). In 2014 tourists vacationing at Ocean Park reached 7.4 million, this number made it the 13th most visited tourist attraction in the world.

Activities that are often done by visitors while at Ocean Park are seeing a collection of fish species in the Grand Aquariumn (more than 400 species of fish and the largest dome in the world), try a vehicle challenging the 842-meter long Roller Coaster (the longest in Hong Kong) and see endangered species , like red pandas and giant pandas originating from China.

The way to Hong Kong Ocean Park

Access to Ocean Park is very easy. You can use Citybus Ocean Park Express transportation directly to these attractions. Can also use a taxi and MTR, then get off at Ocean Park Station. Even easier, just use a private vehicle will definitely arrive faster. If the route is confused, open the cellphone and then look for it in the google map.

Hong Kong Ocean Park Entrance Ticket

  • Adult (12 to 64 years): HK $ 280, if in rupiah, around - / + Rp. 500,000
  • Children (3 to 11 years): HK $ 140, or about - / + Rp.250,000.

Information about opening and closing hours. On weekdays, Monday - Friday, Hong Kong Ocean Park is open from 10 am to 6 pm. Meanwhile, if holidays and weekends open at 10 am to 7 pm.

3. Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak

Seeing the beautiful view of Hong Kong from above the height you can enjoy while in Victoria Paek or local people call it The Peak. More than 7 million visitors each year come to the top of Victoria Peak, making it one of the most visited tourist attractions in Hong Kong, one of which is an Indonesian tourist.

When is the right time to visit Victoria Paek? if you want to see the view of a row of skyscrapers and Hong Kong activities clearly, then come at noon. If you want to see the beauty of the Sunset (sunset) that emits a sparkling orange light in the skyscrapers while enjoying a romantic atmosphere with a partner then come in the afternoon.

Can you visit Victoria Paek at night? Of course you can, you can enjoy the beauty of the sparkling lights of the skyscrapers, accompanied by the starlight scattered above the sky at night.

There are two holiday and shopping centers in Victoria Peak, namely Peak Galleria and Peak Tower (396 masl). Peak Galleria as a liaison for tourists who come to use public buses and green mini buses. While Peak Tower incorporates a tram station that is used to get to the top of the peak of St. Johns.

There are also several restaurants in Victoria Paek, one of the most famous is the Peak Lookout Restaurant, which opened since 1947. The restaurant is usually used as a place to rest for a moment while enjoying a meal with a beautiful view, Hong Kong background from high above.

Access to Victoria Peak?

How to get to these attractions can use public transportation in the form of The Peak Tram (the first kebel train in Asia) with an adult fare of HK $ 40 (Rp.70,000) round trip, children around HK $ 40 (Rp.50,000). Other transportation that can be used are public buses and green mini buses. In addition, visitors can also use private vehicles and taxis. Even more challenging can walk through Old Peak Road.

4. Avenue of Starts

Avenue of Starts
Avenue of Starts is a pedestrian area created in 1982 to award the film industry in Hong Kong, located along the Victoria Harbor road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowlon. If you visit tourist attractions in Hong Kong, you will see some unique and cool statues of famous figures such as Bruce Lee.

Avenue of Starts is visited by many tourists who vacation in Hong Kong. Aside from being one of the popular tourist attractions, several activities such as jogging, enjoying the beauty of Hongkong Island, hanging out with friends, family, girlfriends, visitors can do here. One of the attractions of Avenue of Start is that visitors can watch Symphony of Light, a sparkling light performance accompanied by typical Hong Kong music.

5. Wong Tai Shin Temple

Wong Tai Shin Temple

Wong Tai Shin Temple is a famous temple, the most visited in Hong Kong. This historic and interesting temple was built in 1920, then renovated again in 1968. The construction of the Wong Tai Shin temple aims to honor the deities considered to be good luck by the local residents. The god in question is named Tao Wong Tai Sin.

Tourist attractions in Hong Kong that are always crowded on this visit are located in the north of Kowloon. Two attractions of Wong Tai Shin Temple as a tourist attraction are the Good Wish Garden and the Hall of Three Saints. There are also interesting festivals in the fall that can attract more attention from tourists.

6. Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui
It feels incomplete to go to Hong Kong without visiting a shopping and entertainment tourist spot called Tsim Sha Tsui. The trade center as well as a melting pot of various cultures, is located in the urban area of southern Kowloon, Mong Yau Tsim District. This tourist attraction is often referred to as a promontory at the end of the Kowloon peninsula.

Tsim Sha Tsui is a tourist attraction in Hong Kong that must be visited. The main tourist center in the Metropolitan city there are many large shops, shopping, hotels, parks and luxury restaurants that are ready to serve tourists. There are also historical tours in the form of museums in this district.

7. SKY100 Hongking Observation Deck

SKY100 Hongking Observation Deck

Tourist attractions in Hong Kong which are famous and must be visited next are SKY100 Hongking Observation Deck. Seeing the beautiful view of the city of Hong Kong in the afternoon, evening and night visitors can do in this 484 meter high skyscraper. This holiday object is arguably a tourist destination in Hong Kong anti-mainstream

The Sky100 tower building was officially opened in 2011 and is one of the best spots to see the beautiful view of Hong Kong from a height other than in Victoria Paek. Enjoying the famous and best tourist attractions in Hong Kong is certainly not free. Tourists are charged a fee of $ 151 (Adults) and HK $ 106 (children).

That's 7 recommendations of tourist attractions in Hong Kong that must be visited, hopefully this article is useful, happy holidays.

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