British Museum: The Largest Museum in England

The British Museum is one of the largest and most important historical museums in history and culture in the world. This museum is very famous in England and in the world, so many tourists or tourists who visit it every day. For those of you who like to travel and love historical tours, don't forget to visit the British Museum.

The British Museum was built in 1753, located in the center of London. The collection inside this museum is very numerous and varied. There are at least more than 8 million collections originating from all over the world. The collections in the British Museum come from the history of human civilization from its inception into the present (19-20th century).

"The World Famous Wonder" is the nickname of the British Museum, the designation bears because this museum is a museum with the most visitors compared to museums in England. In 2013, there were over 6 million British Museum visitors (information from BBC Indonesia).

British Museum In London

Travel to the British Museum

The British Museum opens from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. local time, except for Friday. Specifically on Friday the museum is open until 20.30 at night. What about the entrance fee to the British Museum? Visitors who visit this museum are free of charge or free. So don't worry for those of you who will visit this famous museum.

When you enter the British Museum, you will be directed to a spacious room with magnificent and amazing architecture. From 16 November 2014 to 25 January 2015, the British Museum held an exhibition. This exhibition with the theme "Germany Memories of Nation", the exhibition aims to uncover the history of the development of German culture since 600 years ago.

Entering the museum, we immediately were in a spacious and magnificent room with charming architecture. In the living room of this museum, there is the Great Court in the form of a large exhibition space in a circle with a roof made of glass so that you can see the sky directly. The center room of the museum was developed in 2002 which was originally a reading room of the British National Library.

Inside the British Museum there is also a wall display that separates West Germany and East Germany, the Berlin Wall. In addition to the Berlin wall, there is also a display of one of the German Trademarks, a Volkswagen car that was first made in 1937.

Department at the British Museum

There are 9 special departments in the British Museum. The department serves to focus on which civilizations the collections are in this museum. Departments at the British Museum include: Greece and Rome, Ancient Egypt and Sudan, Print and Drawing Arts, Oceania, Asia, America, Prehistory and Europe, Conservation, Scientific Research, Coins and Medals.

Of the 9 Departments in the British Museum, the most visited is the Ancient Egyptian Department. The contents in it discuss everything about ancient Egypt. Collections in this department consist of ancient Egyptian graves, statues of Ancient Egypt, heliograph inscriptions, esophagus, sculpture, etc.

In addition to the Department of Ancient Egypt, one of the departments in the British Museum which is quite crowded is the Greek and Roman departments. In this department, we can see sculptures, Roman and Greek royal art works, Greek and Roman architectural buildings. Collections in this department are more than 100 thousand objects.

Archipelago's Heritage Collection at the British Museum

What's interesting when we visit the British Museum is that in this museum there is a collection of historical relics in the archipelago. These historical relics are Buddhist statues which came from Borobudur Temple. In addition, there is also a collection of sculptures from Java. It was explained that the influence of Buddhism could be known from South India, namely from the architectural style of the first temple in Indonesia. The cooperative relationship between India and the archipelago can be seen from the style of sculpture found in the archipelago.

What is the interesting part in the British Museum when we visit it? The most interesting part of this museum is "Egyptian Funerary Archeology". This section is a collection of mummies originating from Egypt. The location is on the 3rd floor of the museum. It was explained about how to preserve mummies, rituals, magic and beliefs and the life after death of people from ancient Egypt. The most famous mummy in the collection at the British Museum is named "Cleopatra". This mummy is a female mummy dating from the 2nd century Roman period.

Mumy in British Museum

For those of you who intend to visit the British Museum, do not hesitate to visit it. Apart from being a tourist attraction, in this museum we will get a lot of knowledge related to the history of human civilization. If you are going to visit the British Museum, don't forget to understand the map of this museum. Do not let you get lost or just repeat certain places. This can happen because this museum is very extensive.

That is the discussion on "British Museum: The Famous and Largest Museum in England". Hope it is useful for the reader. Don't forget to read other interesting articles. That is all and thank you.

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