Factors Causing the Emergence of Indian Nationalism

What are the factors that cause Indian nationalism to emerge? After the establishment of the EIC which is a British-owned trade organization, the British power in India became stronger. But you need to know, the arrival of the British in India was not as smooth as we imagined, there were many resistance to disturb the presence of Britain, both from the people and the initiatives of the kings in India.

Some resistance took place in the kingdom of Singh (Punjab), the kingdom of Maratha and a rebellion in 1857 to 1859 known as "Spoy" (The Indian Muntiny). Amongst the resistance, the most interesting was, of course, the Spoy rebellion (British troops from India). Some of the causes of the Spoy rebellion include:

Faktor Penyebab Munculnya Nasionalisme India

Common Causes:
1. Unfair treatment of Spoy soldiers.
2. British imperialism caused Indian people suffering.

Special Causes

  • There is an insult to the Spoy army. This form of humiliation was an order from the commander of the British army to the Spoy troops to lick lard and cow before using weapons.

That was the general and specific cause of the Spoy rebellion. Then what does this rebellion have to do with nationalism in India?

Factors Causing the Emergence of Indian Nationalism
You need to understand, due to the Spoy rebellion, many national movements in India have emerged. It was marked by the establishment of a national organization called All India National Congress in 1885. Prominent figures for the founding of this organization included: Mahatma Gandhi, All Jinnah, Jawaharlal Nehru, Ali Khan and others.

The reasons for nationalism in India include:

  1. There is discrimination in government.
  2. People's suffering from British imperialism.
  3. Then intellectuals emerged.
  4. The existence of conflict between India and Britain in the field of culture.
  5. Another factor driving the birth of nationalism in India was the result of Japan's victory over Russia.

That is the factor causing the emergence of nationalism in India, here are some Indian nationalism movements that you need to know, including:

  • Santini Ketan: This movement was pioneered by Rabindranath Tagore, aiming to renew the field of education.
  • Brahma Samaj: The activist figure named Ram Mohan Roy, this movement is a renewal in the field of Hinduism, one of the steps taken is to erase the caste system in India.
  • Mahatma Gandhi's Movement: There were four nationalism movements carried out by Mahatma Gandhi, first Satyagraha (not cooperating with Britain), second Swadesi (not using goods from Britain, prioritizing local Indian products), third Hartal (striking action against British imperialism) and the fourth is Ahimsa (the principle of non-violence).
Well, such a brief explanation is related to the topic of the Factors that Cause the Emergence of Nationalism in India and several movements that later emerged.

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