A Reason Why Pumpkin is Identical to Halloween

A Reason Why Pumpkin is Identical to Halloween

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Although it is not part of our Indonesian culture, Halloween is often seen. Usually Halloween trinkets, like ghost clothes, or other monsters, are scattered in malls. among them all, what best describes the atmosphere of Halloween is the existence of pumpkins that are formed so that they have a scary face, and then turn into lanterns.

Maybe the question in your mind is why should Pumpkin? This one fruit is identical to Halloween. The answer to that question is owned by David Emery, an expert on urban legends. Reporting from About, David explained that the figure of the pumpkin was named Jack O Latern. The name Jack O Latern comes from England. This figure began to be known in the 17th century. Jack O Latern is a creative designation for Jack O Latern which literally means the Lantern Men.

Jack O Latern is a popular nickname for the phenomenon of Fools Fire, a mysterious blue light that is sometimes seen at night. The British of old believed that this blue fire was a mischievous ghost or a fairy fad that appeared before humans.

According to Thomas Darlington in his book entitled 'The Folk-Speech of South Cheshire, Jack O Latern is a character in a legend known as the Stingy Jack or Stingy Jack. Jack committed many sins during his life. But he succeeded in deceiving the devil into not putting him in hell if he later died. When Jack died, he was refused entry to heaven.

Then he descended into the afterlife and banged on the gates of hell, asking Satan to be placed in hell. The devil refused to break his first promise. Instead, he cursed Jack wandering the earth forever. He was equipped with a burning fire to light the paths that were traversed. Since then he began to be known by the name of Jack O Latern.

This legend was so popular with British people that they began to make Jack O Latern part of Halloween, a festival for the dead in the 1800s.

British citizens who migrated to America carry the tradition of carving Jack O Latern to America. America is a big pumpkin producing country. And the creators of Jack O Latern realize that this fruit is more suitable for making lanterns than potatoes. Finally, Jack O Latern's head was made of pumpkins, and survives until now.

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