Five Famous Shipwrecks Frequently Visited

Kapal SS Maheno

Kapal Karam Terkenal

SS Maheno is a ship that was made in 1905. This ship is a turbine steam boat that was moved for the first time in the world. Then after navigating the Sydney and Auckland regions, this ship eventually became a hospital ship in Europe during World War (PD) I.

Then, in 1935 this ship was sold to Japan. Meanwhile, on the way to Japan, it turned out that this ship was hit by a pretty severe storm. Attempts to install a towing canel as a barrier against ships from the storm failed. With eight crew members aboard the ship, the ship disappeared due to heavy storm.

Three days after the incident the new ship was found, it turned out that the ship had been stranded off the coast of Fraser Island. There were no fatalities in the incident but an attempt to pull the ship was never made so it was decided to be sold. There was never a buyer who was interested in buying the ship.

Since then the ship was allowed to slowly destroy and rust everywhere. However, the ship is now a well-known landmark for tourists in Australia and foreign tourists who happen to come on the island.

The Klintholm Ship

Kapal Karam Terkenal

Before it was named Dimitrios, this ship was named Klintholm, a small 67-meter ship that used to carry cargo like cargo and was made in 1950. This ship had been stranded on Valtaki Beach, a prefecture in the region of Laconia, Greece, since December 23, 1981.

There are many rumors about the origin of the ship and how the ship could be stranded on the beach. Many said that the ship was used before it sank to smuggle cigarettes from Turkey to Italy. Then, the ship was confiscated by the Gythio Port authorities, who were deliberately released from the port and then dragged towards Valtaki Beach, about 5 kilometers from Gythio Harbor.

To hide evidence of contraband and eliminate traces, the ship was finally burned. However, there is another fact which states that the ship must dock at the Port of Gythio because the captain of this ship is experiencing a serious illness and must be immediately taken to the hospital. After learning that the ship turned out to be carrying contraband, all the crew were fired and the ship was left docked at the port before being burned and left to sink to the edge of Valtaki Beach until now.

Olympic ship

Kapal Karam Terkenal

Olympic or Olympia is a luxury commercial ship that is now on the edge of the land near the City of Katapola, Amorgos Island, Greece. This ship sank on the seafront due to the work of the hijackers who hijacked the ship and left it in 1979.

This wreck had entered into the film The Big Blue where there is a scene of the ship. Until now, the ship was left in the bay after being left unattended without any attempt to withdraw the ship by the ship company so far.

As a result, the ship is now a landmark on the island of Amargos that attracts tourists to visit and see ships that could enter the film scene. Because this shipwreck also makes the island of Amargos increasingly famous in the eyes of the world.

The Fort Shevchenko ship

Kapal Karam Terkenal

Previously, this ship was named Fort Shevchenko. This ship was made in 1952 and most of the life of this ship used to serve the Soviet Navy. Until 1999, the ship was then sold and changed its name to La Famille Express.

The state of the accident is not clearly known. What is known is that the ship ran aground during hurricane Frances in 2004. No items have been saved from this ship because all of its contents have been looted by local residents.

Although it has run aground and sank off the southern waters of Provo, the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Caribbean Sea, this boat is quite popular with tourists. In fact, this ship is a landmark for local residents in the region.

The Captayannis ship

Kapal Karam Terkenal

The Captayannis is a Greek sugar carrier that sank in the Clyde River, Scotland in 1974. This ship was damaged and sank due to collided with a BP tanker when a storm hit the waters of the west coast. The tanker suffered serious damage, but the anchor chain of this ship actually hit the Captayannis so that a lot of water entered into the ship.

Then the ship's captain directs the ship to shallow water so that the ship does not sink in the ocean floor, making it difficult for people to evacuate it. The next day, this ship has been tilted until now. All contents of the ship that contained various valuable metals had also been ransacked by local residents.

That happened because the ship was never evacuated by anyone. It is possible for local residents to enter the ship and loot most of its contents. Now, in addition to being a habitat for marine life such as birds, this ship is nothing but a photographic object for travelers who happen to come to see the rusty ship.

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