Relaxing Enjoy the atmosphere of the Tropical Forest on Malenge Island, Indonesian

Menikmati Hutan Tropis di Pulau Malenge

Relaxing Enjoy the atmosphere of the Tropical Forest on Malenge Island - One of the favorite tourist destinations for travelers in Central Sulawesi is Malenge Island. An island that is a marine tourism has a million unforgettable beauty for tourists who have stopped by. The expanse of blue sea, gentle breeze and lush forests that appear from this island is the most beautiful gift from the Creator. The island, located in Togean, is one of the island choices in Central Sulawesi that offers charming charm.

Malenge Island itself is divided into 2 parts, namely Papan island and Kaboja island. Papan Island is inhabited by a tribe called the Bajoe tribe which is an indigenous tribe from the Malenge island in Togean. While Kaboja Island contains several cottages consisting of 8 rooms. From here you can see Bajoe tribal life up close, see children who are going to school, and see parents who are busy with their livelihoods, the majority of fishermen. Everything seems so natural and simple, life is what it is. Indeed life is supposed to be, without competition or hostility. Everything looks so peaceful, as peaceful as Malenge Island.

Pulai Papan and Kaboja Island are separated by a 1,800 kilometer bridge that joins the two islands. Malenge Island is truly the perfect island to visit. Its beautiful natural environment surrounded by fresh pine forests is a plus of this region. To get around to enjoy all the luxury of nature that is owned by Malenge Island, you can rent a boat or boat that is ready to take you to walk around Malenge Island. It is better if you rent a ship in a rogogan to get a cheaper price.

From the charter boat, you can see a very charming landscape. Showing the best aspects of life. Very far different from the climate in the capital city which is increasingly chaotic because here has created peace and longing. In addition to Malenge Island, not far from there you can also ask fishermen to be escorted to Angkaio Island, a place where the life of walnut crabs develops. As is known that the walnut crab is a typical animal from Central Sulawesi.

Some of the marine activities you can enjoy on Malenge Island include snorkeling, diving and swimming. You can explore your marine hobby in this place accompanied by the beautiful white sand of the ocean. It's a happy holiday that will not be forgotten. You can rent several accommodations according to your budget. The inn provides all the facilities you need while on Malenge Island. One message for you, plan a vacation to the island of Malenge during the dry season only. If you are determined to take a vacation in the rainy season, then you will not be able to enjoy the beauty of the Malenge Island.

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